Wyndham Fun Run

Werribee Hospital Foundation Director, Nik Tsardakis has been appointed patron of the 2018 Wyndham Fun Run and along with hundreds of other locals, is preparing to walk/run to help raise money for our local hospital, the Werribee Mercy.

“I am delighted to be asked to be the Patron of the Wyndham Rotary Fun Run/Walk – March 2018. As a Rotarian of 38 years I am well aware of the community activity and fund raising capacity of Rotary,” said Nik.

“For a long period Wyndham Rotary Club has contributed to the local community in many ways and I am pleased they have chosen the very important local public hospital, operated by the Mercy Hospitals Victoria Ltd. as one of their major fund raising activities.

I welcome your support as a sponsor and/or participant in the Wyndham Rotary Fun Run/Walk to raise funds for the much needed Werribee Mercy Hospital Critical Care Unit.”

Registrations are open now and will stay open until Friday 2 March at 12.30pm.

Thanks for making a difference locally

Local public hospital advocate and lifetime Werribee resident, Jan Goates recently retired as Director of the Werribee Hospital Foundation after 25 years. In a recent interview Jan reflected on the foundation’s growth and contribution to public hospital services in Wyndham.

“When the Foundation was established in 1993 we wanted to make a difference locally and make sure Wyndham families would benefit from our local public hospital well into the future….Now 25 years later it’s exciting to see how the Werribee Mercy Hospital has grown and developed to meet the needs of our community.”

When asked about the Foundation’s achievements over the past 25 years Jan said the Werribee Hospital Foundation had already given well over $1million to capital works projects, new equipment, scholarship funding for hospital staff and has recently pledged to help raise another $2million, in partnership with Mercy Health, for the Critical Care Unit currently under construction.

“The community cares greatly about their public hospital. We don’t want to have to drive miles away to access care for loved ones. This has been evidenced by the community’s support for the current Critical Care Unit Appeal that has seen over $800,000 in donations pledged so far.

Last month local restaurant Master Wok donated $10,000 toward the appeal. Owner and Manager, Patrick Chui said, “the community has supported our business for 35 years and we are happy to support the hospital and give something back to the community.”

At a recent dinner celebrating Jan’s extensive contribution to the Werribee Hospital Foundation, Nik Tsardakis, current Chairman and founding director said, “Jan’s long and outstanding commitment to the work of the foundation will be greatly missed. Jan has been a strong advocate for local public hospital care and her efforts have made a tremendous difference to our community.”

The Werribee Hospital Foundations welcomes support for the Critical Care Appeal.

Become a fundraiser today and raise money for the CCU or show your support by making a donation at

Master Wok serves up a major gift

For 35 years Werribee’s own Master Wok has been serving up the very best Chinese cuisine to diners near and far. One of the first Chinese restaurants to establish in Werribee, Master Wok has become a local institution, attracting diners from all over Melbourne, including some very notable guests such as John Farnham.

Ringo Wong, local identity and co-owner of Master Wok, has been a long-term supporter of the local Werribee Mercy Hospital and was one early business donors to the hospital when it was built back in 1994.

More than three decades on and with the hospital undertaking an $85million expansion project that will see the addition of an 8 bed critical care unit, 56 new inpatient beds & 6 operating theatres, the team at Master Wok have again presented a significant donation to help provide life saving equipment for the Critical Care Unit.

Werribee resident, regular diner and Director of Werribee Hospital Foundation, Dr Callum Scott, recently presented a certificate of recognition during the 35-year banquet celebration among 150 local patrons.

Mr Wong said, ‘“locals have supported our business since we commenced 35 years ago and we want to give back and support the community. The local public hospital is very important to the people of Wyndham and many families will benefit from the expansion.”

The Werribee Hospital Foundation in conjunction with Mercy Health Foundation is raising money to fund vital equipment for the new Critical Care Unit. The Werribee Hospital Foundation recently pledged $400,000 toward the Critical Care Unit Appeal and continues to raise funds specifically for the local public hospital.

Supporters can contribute to the ongoing Critical Care Unit Appeal by going to and making an online donation.

$400,000 for new Critical Care Unit

Werribee Hospital Foundation Chairman Nik Tsardakis recently announced the foundation, which has been supporting the Werribee Mercy Hospital for almost 25 years, will be providing $400,000 toward the new Critical Care Unit to be opened in 2018.

Mr Tsardakis said “our community wants access to the very best public hospital care locally and that is reflected in the support and donations we have received over the years.”

“The hospital’s expansion of 56 additional beds, six operating theatres and eight critical care beds is an exciting development in our community. This will be the first time a critical care unit will be available in Wyndham and it will allow families to be closer to their loved ones if they require intensive medical care.”

The Werribee Hospital Foundation is raising funds from the Wyndham community to help fit-out the Critical Care Unit with the very best medical equipment and patient services.

Donations helping to raise money for local hospital projects can be made at

CCU impression