We need the communities help

As the second wave of COVID hits our community and we experience the second round of lockdown I know the impacts are felt in every home and workplace. I hope you and your loved ones are staying strong and have the support you need at this time of uncertainty; we will get through this together.

As part of our Hospital community, I ask you to remember those who are most at risk and ensure that you practice self-distancing, frequent hand washing, and wear a mask when required.

We urgently need to support our doctors, nurses, and those behind the scenes in our hospital who are supporting the increase of patients with Coronavirus and those whose mental health has been affected.

As the second wave hits, they are starting to feel the true impact of this additional and excessive strain, not only on the wards but as the strains of anxiety and mental health. Therefore, we really do need your support now, more than ever before.

We appreciate your support so much at this very uncertain time.

Thank you for your kindness and compassion.



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